Greenskill shortlisted as one of the finalists in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Emerging Technologies Competition 2020. 

August 2020

The Emerging Technologies Competition is the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual initiative for early stage companies and academic entrepreneurs who want to commercialise their technologies to make a global impact.

Greenskill selected for Stage-2 of the EIT Climate CIK Accelerator with ECCI.

August 2020

Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest climate entrepreneurship programme. ECCI, with an award-winning hub in Edinburgh, brings together people from business, research, communities and governments to turn good low carbon ideas into reality. It supports a thriving community of low carbon enterprises and provides policy insight and evidence to inform government decisions.

Greenskill win place on Unlocking Ambition 2020 cohort.

November 2020

Backed by Scotland’s First Minister, Unlocking Ambition is a challenge fund created by the Scottish Government as part of the Programme for Government and delivered by Scottish entrepreneurial ecosystem partners, which was piloted in 2018-2019.

Greenskill win Innovate UK, Sustainable Innovation Fund SBRI award.

October 2020

Greenskill have been awarded funding to scale-up our innovative Negative Emission Sewage Treatment (NEST) Process.

Greenskill CCU technology shortlisted for Scottish Hub

May 2020

Greenskill have been shortlisted as Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) technology provider for the Grangemouth CCU Hub.

Pharmaceutical removal trials at Scottish Water postponed

March 2020

Due to COVID19, the trials at Scottish Water’s Bo’ness Wastewater Development Centre have been postponed up until it is deemed safe to proceed.

Inngot undertake Greenskill IP valuation

March 2020

With patents Worldwide, Inngot Ltd have recently conducted an IP valuation for Greenskill. 

Chinese patent application granted

January 2020

We are pleased to announce that the Chinese Patent Office has granted our photobioreactor patent application.

Greenskill win Water Test Network Pharmaceutical Removal Innovation Challenge

December 2019

Greenskill awarded £25k funding to further validate our eco/climate friendly wastewater reclamation process.

Trials extended!

July 2019

Greenskill awarded £25k funding by the Water test Network to undertake accredited on site trials at Scottish Water’s Waste Water Development Centre at Bo’ness. 

Bo'ness trials confirm processes capability to remove nitrogen and phosphorus 

June 2017

Phosphorus and Nitrogen removal results justify further trials

Greenskill install PBRs at Bo'ness

March 2019

Greenskill ship new Photobioreactors (PBR), cloud-based control systems and associated wastewater treatment ancillary equipment to the Wastewater Development Centre.

Greenskill embark on Phase 2 of Phos4You trials at Scottish Water's Bo'ness Wastewater Development Centre.

January 2019 

Greenskill and Glasgow Caledonian University continue collaboration in Phos4You project

Phos4You report

December 2018

Greenskill submit Phos4You Phase 1 trials report and confirm the process's readiness for deployment at a sewage treatment works 

Phos4You lab trials yield great results

November 2018 

Very encouraging results from Phase 1 Phos4You trials  

Greenskill collaborate with Glasgow Caledonian University

June 2018

Glasgow Caledonian University's Phos4You project benefits from Greenskill's expertise in algal wastewater treatment

Outstanding results from new PBR

May 2018

Cultivation trials in new PBRs reveal very high productivity potential and low maintenance requirements.

Manufacturing Using Spectral Emissions (MUSE)

New photobioreactors under construction

June 2017

Construction begins on our game changing PBR designs.

Greenskill awarded Innovate UK funding

January 2017

Maufacturing Using Spectral Emissions (MUSE). Greenskill have been awarded Innovate UK funding to scaleup our innovative photobioreactor technology.

Greenskill photobioreactor patent application granted in USA 

January 2016

We are pleased to announce that the US Patent and Trademark Office have granted our novel photobioreactor application.